The wellness & fitness area

At a glance

  • sauna and steam bath
  • Foot reflex zone path
  • Cardiovascular training equipment
  • Powerplate
  • Solarium
  • Rest room

Experience water

In addition to the various thermal and swimming pools, the spas in Leukerbad have perfectly equipped wellness areas with varied programmes. The Leukerbad Therme has a magnificent sauna landscape with steam baths, an extensive range of wellness treatments, massages and manual therapies, naturopathy and cosmetic treatments. However, if you don’t feel like leaving the house after a day’s skiing or mountaineering, or if you would like to do a little warm-up before breakfast, we welcome you to a short dip in our small wellness oasis.

In-house relaxation

Relaxing the strained muscles in the steam bath or sauna is really good. Also a walk on our foot reflex zone path, which is generally recommended in case of signs of exhaustion. In the fitness room you will find a variety of cardiovascular training equipment as well as a Powerplate for targeted muscle training. A tanning bed refreshes your holiday tan. Afterwards you can enjoy a cup of tea in the relaxation room and are then guaranteed to be fit for all the attractions Leukerbad has to offer.

Outdoor variety

If you would like to explore the overwhelming nature in a more comfortable way and, for example, make a nice trip to the Majing Alp, we would like to support you in organizing trekking e-bikes. Of course, this also applies to all other sports equipment such as skis, conventional mountain bikes etc.. If required, our kitchen will take care of the catering and packed lunch. Please contact us!

Your well-being is important to us!

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